7 Ways to Answer When the Backyard Calls for Adventure

7 Ways to Answer When the Backyard Calls for Adventure

Some of my favorite memories from my own childhood and my childrens weren’t the big trips or the days at the theme park, but the days spent playing hide and seek in the forsythia bush or “feasting” on some backyard stew. Often the best summer adventure stories are the ones that happen right outside your back door. The ones that just require a bucket, a magnifying glass, and a shovel. To clarify: a backyard or a park, or any local area with a patch of grass, some dirt, and maybe a swing or two, will do. Adventures are not fussy. They are as big as your child’s imagination. And we know that is REALLY big!

So this summer, we hope you will relish in those small (but big) backyard and local adventures. Savor the simple play that comes from being at home in the warm summer sun. Our toys are made for this kind of play and nothing makes us happier than seeing kids being creative. The following is a list of 6 of our outdoor toys that will open up the play and allow your kids to create amazing summer stories.

7 Ways to Have a Backyard Adventure with HABA

Share your summer story with us at #HABAsummerstories. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

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