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7 New Boardgames to Prepare Kids for Back-to-School

7 New Boardgames to Prepare Kids for Back-to-School

This summer at GenCon, HABA released 7 new games! In this post, we'll tell you a bit about each game and some helpful benefits that go along with each one that'll be beneficial for when they go back to school...and beyond!

In a Flash Firefighters
Oh no! The bales of hay on farmer Rudi's farm are on fire and it's our job to put the fire out! The problem is, our water hoses are all tangled up. Each player must search through the pile of hose tiles, racing to correctly arrange their hose so the water can flow out before the fire spreads to the rest of the farm! This is a quick thinking, tile arranging game for 2-4 players age 5+. With several variants, this game can be modified to accommodate different abilities, so everyone can play simultaneously no matter their skill level! Promotes spacial reasoning, concentration and fine motor ability.

MVFG Nibble Munch Crunch
Nibble Munch Crunch is the latest addition to our My Very First Games series, all designed to help toddlers develop and work on a variety of skills! Featuring three suggested variants including cooperative matching: “What Do Animals Eat?”, memory: “Who Eats What?” and free-play. The adorable artwork and quality components help make learning important skills like fine motor, concentration, language, sorting and spatial awareness fun and engaging!

Hedgehog Haberdash
This is a memory game for 2-4 players ages 3+ and features ridiculously adorable glasses-wearing hedgehogs! The first player to dress their own baby hedgehog with seven leaves in the color that matches its glasses wins! Not only is this a memory and color matching game, but it also introduces children to competitive game-play in a light and friendly way.

Color It
Color It! is a roll-and-write game for 2-4 players ages 4+, with everyone trying to complete their own coloring page. In addition to being competitive, Color It! teaches the concept of probability and even requires some strategic thinking. The coloring aspect also helps kids to strengthen their pincer grip, which will improve handwriting skills!

MVFG Building Site
Playfully introduce children to the building and construction process with Building Site, another new addition to our awesome My Very First Games series for toddlers ages 2+. Like others in this collection, Construction Site is designed with beginning gamers in mind to encourage development of fine motor skills, concentration, language skills and early STEM skills. This is a collaborative matching and memory game and features two additional levels of game play depending on age and experience. Using toy and game pieces, this game provides hands-on, practical learning of each important step of a building project! Building Site also features a Kullerbu dump truck and wooden block pieces that can be combined with other Kullerbu track pieces to further enhance the play experience!

Barnyard Bunch
Help! The animals from Fridolin's farm have gotten loose and the farmer needs your help to round them back up before they stray too far! In Barnyard Bunch, players work cooperatively to lure the 8 animals safely back to the barn before sundown, in order to win together. They do this by rolling the dice and paying close attention to the colors on the path. Depending on what is rolled, a collective decision has to be made on which animal should advance. Collectively, players are carefully trying to keep each animal from getting to the end of their path because if one escapes, everyone loses. This is an engaging game of luck that encourages color recognition, cooperation and is a great early introduction to structured game-play.

5er Finden
5er Finden is a seek and find roll and write for 2-4 players, where everyone races to spot the various pattern combinations on their own boards and outlines them as they find them. But be careful, some shape combinations have higher point values and every shape must contain all of the rolled symbols! The timer can be flipped at any time by any player to start the end of round countdown, so don’t spend too much time searching! The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins! Includes 4, two-sided dry erase boards and markers. A fast-paced family game for ages 7+ that promotes concentration, quick thinking and is a great opportunity for kids to practice their pincer grip!)

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