5 Great Toy Suggestions for Outdoor Fun

5 Great Toy Suggestions for Outdoor Fun

The call of the great outdoors is irresistible with the arrival with Spring. HABA has more than 100 terrific outdoor toys that are safe, fun and even educational. Garden with child-sized tools, build sand castles and enjoy lawn games with HABA USA.

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The Spielstabil Sand Play Backpack Set also includes a watering can that fits into a clear, heavy-duty plastic backpack.The Fliffix Catch Game for one or two players is A+ rated by Education.com. It comes with a brightly-colored ball and two nylon mesh catching nets plus instructions for play. This will delight players six years and older.

For a day at the park or beach with little ones, bring out the Spielstabil Hippo Set. This 5-piece set includes a  small bucket, scoop, hippo watering can, sieve, and sturdy sand form, plus a durable plastic carrying case. This German-made kit is PVC-free and backed by a 10-year guarantee! For even more fun the 6-piece Spielstabil Sand Play Set is designed for bigger kids and transports nicely in the included clear, heavy-duty plastic backpack!

Kids from 1-100 will love playing "ice cream shop" with the PVC-free Gelateria Ice Cream Set from Spielstabil. Set includes two large cones, scoop and bucket with lid. Great for playing in the sand and even for real ice cream!

If your child is an aspiring young shipbuilder, the Terra Kids Catamaran will give him and her something to do on a rainy day plus a terrific water toy to play with when the sun shines. Its 50 water-resistant plywood pieces challenge your little mariner’s mind during assembly, and once glued together, the boat’s wind-up motor glides across the surface of a pool, pond, or even a bathtub. Designed by HABA for children 6 and older this catamaran is recognized as a top toy by Play Advances Language. The small parts make it not suitable for tots.

HABA USA is committed to bringing the finest-quality toys from European designers to our customers on this side of the pond. You can shop for these and other HABA games and toys securely on our online store or in person at fine HABA retailers worldwide. Either way, you know that when it comes to fine toys and games, at HABA, it's all about the kids!

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