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5 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Do This Fall

5 Fun Screen-Free Activities to Do This Fall

It's finally fall! Fall is such a wonderful time to get outdoors because the temperatures are usually pretty mild, neither too hot or too cold and the colors, sounds and smells of nature are absolutely fabulous for the senses! Fall provides tremendous opportunities for screen-free play and exploration so get the family out there to enjoy it!

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

Go Apple & Pumpkin picking

Apples and pumpkins; Aren't those the very first things you think of when you think of Fall? It wouldn't be Fall without a trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch! Whether it is the tree or garden in your backyard, or you have a favorite local spot, just get outside and harvest these versatile fruits, then head home and make something delicious! The kids will certainly love joining in on the baking fun and once you're all finished there will be some tasty treats to snack on! So what if the kitchen is a mess afterward, it'll be worth it!

[Make a pie, carve the pumpkin and eat the seeds, make apple sauce or apple crisp]

Rake leaves and jump in the pile

It just wouldn't be right to not put this in our list! Who doesn't love raking up a huge pile of leaves and cannon-balling into them? Also, what a great way to get the kids to help rake!? If you need a kid-sized rake, check out our sturdy German-made Spielstabil Leaf Rake.

Nature Art Project! 

There are so many ways to use items found in nature for artistic purposes! The best part is, they're literally RIGHT outside your door, they're of course organic and they encourage imagination and creativity. PLUS searching for those perfect objects for their art pieces will be a thrill. If you want to spice up your nature collection, check out our Terra Kids Bug Hotel where little explorers are encouraged to insert items found in nature for their new bug friends to rest their heads...and lay their eggs!

For more ideas, check out this amazing resource of 
50 great ways to make Autumn-themed art!

Look at a leaf under a microscope!

Little ones will be surprised at what a leaf looks like magnified 30 times (hint: it looks a lot like a tree itself!!) Our Terra Kids Microscope kit is a great way to get a closer look at nature. Bugs, leaves, money, fabric - all of these are VERY cool under a microscope. Check it out!

Play a Fall-themed board game

Sometimes the cooler weather is a great excuse to cozy-up indoors. How about getting the family together for a fall-themed board game? For the younger crowd we recommend our My Very First Games First Orchard. It's a cooperative game for 2-4 players ages 2+. Everyone is working together to harvest the apples, plums and pears before the pesky raven makes his way to the Orchard to eat them all! It is a wonderful introduction to board games because it introduces the concept of taking turns, team work, fosters color recognition and counting.

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