2018 HABA USA Game Design Contest Results

2018 HABA USA Game Design Contest Results

We want to thank everyone again for participating in this year's design contest. We doubled the amount of kits sold, and had almost double the amount of prototypes come back! So thank you!

The return of prototypes will begin to happen next week. We will start to ship anything with return labels out. We will also begin emailing your $5.00 coupons out next week too!

As a reminder the top 5 games will be shipped over and shown to HABA Germany. From there, they will either continue through development, or be returned. The prizes for the top 5 will go out next week as well.

Without any more preamble, here are the TOP 10!

1. Sheep Sheep Race - Julio E. Nazario - Dexterity

2. Ice Cream Emergency - Eli Kosminsky and Mike Batista (Room and Board Games) - Co-op/Dexterity

3.Animal Crackers - John Shulters and Sarah Graybill (Black Straw Games) - Co-op/Action Selection

4.AniPals - Graham Russell - Secret Objective/Roll and Move

5.Sir Lee & the Party Animals - Scott O'Dell & Marcus Ross (Water Bear Games) - Co-op/Grid Movement

6.Animal Crossing - Daniel Nayeri, Gideon Nayeri, Alexandra Nayeri, Miles Peckover - Area Control/Path Building

7.Cosmic Pig - Gene Mackles - Rock Paper Scissors/Bluffing

8.Knock That Dragon Down! - Fredrik Skarstedt - Dexterity

9.Great Day Out - Jason Kingsley - Storytelling

10.Scale the Wall - Daniel Riles - Dexterity

Thanks again! The top 5 will be contacted about prizes and steps going forward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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