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10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs at Home Without a Store Bought Kit!

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs at Home Without a Store Bought Kit!

Easter is coming up next month! Instead of using those boring, store-bought egg dyeing kits, we've decided to comb the 'net for our favorite unique and creative ways to decorate hard boiled eggs using common household items. All of these ideas use methods requiring ingredients you should be able to find laying around the house...or in the fridge, out on the front lawn, in the "junk drawer", or tucked away in Dad's closet (just be sure to ask him first!). Follow the links below for step-by-steps and pictures to create your own unique Easter Eggs!

1. Dye Eggs with Fruits & Vegetables

2. Decorate Eggs with Random Designs Using Onion Skins

3. Make Tea-Infused Marble Eggs

4. Dye and Decorate Eggs With Old Silk Ties

5. Dye Eggs With Leaf Imprints

6. Use Sharpie Markers of Varying Thickness to Color Eggs

7. Color Eggs Using Watercolor Paints & Colored Pencils

8. Use Lace When Dyeing Eggs to Create Pretty Patterns

9. Make Chevron Patterned Eggs with Electrical Tape

10. Decorate Eggs with Your Own Photos

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