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10 Simple & Fun Valentine’s Day Pinterest Projects for Children

10 Simple & Fun Valentine’s Day Pinterest Projects for Children

Art Projects for Children on Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest is a goldmine of ideas for everything from what to wear, where to travel, what to eat and what to craft. Look no further than Pinterest for ideas for Valentine’s Day projects and crafts your little one can do (maybe with a little help from you).

  1. Valentine’s Day Suncatcher Craft Using craft materials you can pick up at any grocery store or drug store—poster board, tissue paper, glue and gift wrap ribbon—you and your child can make this pretty suncatcher to hang in a window. What a lovely gift it would make for a grandparent or just as a decoration in your home.
  2. Red Solo Cup Valentine’s Day Craft  Imagine “Heart Man” greeting guests at a party! With simple materials—a red Solo cup, construction paper, Magic Marker, glue and craft eyes—kids will enjoy making this as much as they enjoy seeing the finished product.
  3. Cup of Love Make these creamy, pink and white cups to melt into a mug of warm milk or hot chocolate. Wrapped in cellophane with a pretty ribbon, they’d make a great party favor or teacher gift.
  4. Lavender Heart Sachets An older child who is adept at sewing with a needle and thread (or sewing machine), could whip up a bunch of these fragrant little hearts to sock away in a sock drawer, slip under a pillow case for sweet dreams or to give to someone special.
  5. Paper Heart Wreath With the help of an adult, a child could easily make this beautiful wreath that looks much more complicated than it is. Hang it on a wall, over a mantel, on a door or in a window.
  6. A Purr-fect Valentine  Using only heart shapes, kids can easily make these cute little kitties that is a perfect Valentine’s greeting card.
  7. Love Knots Even the Boy Scout in your family will enjoy making these knots that end up being in the shape of a heart.
  8. Heart and Hand Garland What a sweet way to display hearts, with tiny handprints and names. Keep them around from year to year to see how the handprints (and children) have grown.
  9. Heart Puzzle Finally! Something creative to do with all of those miscellaneous puzzle pieces that end up lying around.
  10. TP Roll Heart Stamp So simple. So cute. Your eager little stamper will love what he is doing so much that it will be hard to keep up with him/her! In addition to Valentine’s Day cards and pictures, buy brown or white paper to cover your table and let your child make a unique table cover to use for Valentine’s Day dinner.

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