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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Mothers

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Mothers

1. There are roughly 82.5 million mothers in the United States, more than 2 billion worldwide and approximately 4.3 babies are born every second. About 2% of those US mothers have adopted.

2. The average Mom will have changed approximately 7,300 diapers by the time her baby reaches age two!

3. The longest pregnancy every recorded lasted 375 days, nearly 100 days longer than a normal pregnancy.

4. The heaviest human baby was born to Signora Carmelina Fedele in Aversa, Italy in September 1955. Her son weighed 22 pounds, 8 ounces!

5. Typically, the first sound a baby vocalizes is the 'ma' sound. So it makes sense that in almost every language, the word for mother begins with the letter 'M' or is some iteration of the 'ma' sound. 

6. The size of an animal baby relative to it’s mother usually depends on how much care it needs. Bigger babies that can walk and fend for themselves even minutes after birth are called precocial, while smaller altricial babies depend on their mothers for food, protection, and warmth.

7. The African Black Eagle typically will lay two eggs. After they hatch, the mother will just feed one of the chicks. The other chick is usually pecked to death by the other chick while the mother looks on. Eek!!

8. The youngest mother in recorded history is Lina Medina. A child herself, she was just 5 years and 7 months old when she gave birth to a 6.5 lb. boy by caesarean section in Peru in 1939.

9. Every female fetus including your mother, developed all the eggs she will ever have while as a fetus herself still inside of her own mom. Because one of those eggs ultimately developed into you, this means you started your life inside of your grandmother!

10. The fetal heart races faster when hearing its mother's voice vs. a stranger's voice. A mother's voice also eases older children's stress just as much as a real-life hug. The sound of mom's voice lowers a child's stress hormone, cortisol, and raises their level of oxytocin, a hormone linked with love and bonding. Approximately 122 million calls are made on the second Sunday of May and Mother's Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants. So don't forget to give your mom a call or better yet - take her out to celebrate her!

Happy Mothers Day from all of us at HABA USA!


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  • Ernestine Brownell

    Some of these facts are shocking to me and some are absolutely wonderful. A woman’s body is amazing.

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