Two kids building a Terra Kids Cork Boat with Dad

10 Fun and Festive Fatherly Activities that are Better than Socks

Let’s hear it for the dads! Often unsung, dads’ work hard for the team and they deserve more than a pair of socks on this special day. (Not that there's anything wrong with socks!) Most dads don’t often get pampered or have time to reconnect with their inner little guy, so we’ve designed a day that will let dad feast, play, and explore!

At HABA, we believe that play is essential for all ages and so part of our mission is to help everyone, young and old, connect to that sense of freedom inherent in open-ended play and exploration.

The following is a list of 10 Fun and Festive Fatherly Activities that are Better than Socks, activities that will not only encourage a sense of play, but will last a long time in your dads memory, make for a special day of family fun, and help him reconnect to his inner kid.

  1. Wake up Dads taste buds with a yummy breakfast in bed. Although we don’t like to stereotype, it does seem to be universally true that most dads are really good at breakfast. But this father’s day, treat dad to a breakfast in bed that is simple, delicious, and slightly puffy. If you don’t already make Puffy Pancakes then you’re welcome. This simple recipe will be a family staple for years to come.
  2. Go to the beach and look for buried treasure. Who knows, maybe this will be the year that you and your dad unearth Blackbeard’s loot? Or perhaps you can bury dad in the sand and he can take a well-earned nap in a sandy lair. Whatever beachy adventure you choose, make sure you have a good set of shovels and beach toys to unlock dad’s inner treasure hunter.
  3. Make a boat together and then bring it for a sail. This activity has all the elements of an ideal dad project. A little do it yourself construction project that results in an actual vessel fit for the high seas, or a small pond. Nothing like a little assembly followed by some fresh air and water to bring out dad’s inner sea captain!
  4. Take a hike with a microscope. No Father’s Day would be complete without an invigorating hike in the great outdoors. Bring a picnic, some water, and our handy and indispensable field microscope to really look closely at the nature that you are walking through. What really is in that blade of grass or that piece of bark? Unlock dads inner naturalist to transform a regular hike into the realm of science.
  5. Build a giant marble run and let dad be a kid again. Give dad a little time to play and channel his inner engineer and love of thrills by making a giant marble run. There is something so satisfying about getting that marble to the finish line after rolling up and down and over the couch cushions and piles of books. Just make sure to help clean up after!
  6. Take to the skies! What dad hasn’t dreamt of piloting their own plane and swooping amongst the clouds through the green valleys? To make this childhood fantasy come to life, perhaps you can take a plane ride with a local flying club or to keep things a little more simple but no less fun, fly a glider and watch it soar!
  7. Climb a tree and have lunch delivered! Let dad monkey around and bring back his inner tree climber. While sitting in the canopy with the birds, use our ingenious block and tackle set to create a pulley system to bring up some snacks and a board game or two.
  8. Help dad with the lawn or garden. Yard work takes a lot of time and is more fun when it is a team effort. Grab a rake and some garden tools and help dad manicure the lawn and gardens and strengthen some muscles while you are at it.
  9. Go on a night walk and look at the stars. After a long day of exploration, you might think the day is done but a whole world opens up at night. Grab our lantern and head out for a night walk. See what moths are attracted to your light. Listen for owls and other night creatures. And then find a spot to gaze up at the starry sky and look for constellations.
  10. Spend the night in a tent. And to really cap off a great Father’s Day, set up a tent in your yard and tell stories around our tent lamp before falling into a well-deserved slumber with a chorus of crickets and peepers lulling you into dreamland!

Whatever you decide to do for dad this Father’s Day we know it will be just the right thing to celebrate your special guy and help them to play and explore like they did when they were little! So here’s to channeling dad’s inner engineer, astronomer, pilot, tree-climber and more and to quality time spent together. What could be better!

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