null - Julia Doll Review & Giveaway

Posted by Andrea Elliott on May 1st 2013

Beautifully Crafted, Loveable, and Washable Gotz Dolls from HABA

Kid Playing with HABA's Gotz Doll

Amanda from reviewed our Julia Doll. Check out the wonderful things she had to say! Nothing is more frustrating than bringing home a doll with beautiful hair, only for the hair to end up matted and snarled after just a few days of play.  Over the last 9 years I’ve spent hours (unsuccessfully) trying to tame the wild hair of my girls’ beloved dolls.  When I read that Götz doll hair would be easy to care for and brush I was skeptical, but we’ve found that it truly does not tangle and mat as all the other dolls in our home are prone to doing.   After a week of play, plus sleeping in bed every night with my preschooler,  Julia’s hair is still shiny and soft. Read the rest