HABA’s Top 10 Picks for Preschoolers

HABA’s Top 10 Picks for Preschoolers

Posted by Andrea Elliott on Dec 9th 2013

HABA Baby Toys Preschoolers are old enough to have a patience to stick with an activity for a while. They are eager to learn and absorb all that they can. That makes choosing toys for this age group all the more fun for adults. They won’t realize all they are gaining from the toys such as learning about sorting, reasoning, counting, colors, role playing and motor skills. They just know they are having fun! To help you select the right toys for this wonderful age group, HABA has assembled our Top 10 Picks for Preschoolers:
  1. Traffic Threading Beads ($24.69) are perfect for every little car lover or any child who loves to play make-believe. Using eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, children thread 8 wooden beads onto a cord in various configurations.
  2. Make a funny, colorful caterpillar with wooden beads that are each a section of the caterpillar’s body, complete with little legs and feet with the Bambini Caterpillar Dice Threading Beads Game ($24.96).
  3. This classic HABA toy lets children learn to hammer with real ½” nails and a wooden mallet. The Geo Shape Tack Zap (large) ($34.19) for future contractors can be hammered and then easily removed and rearranged to make new designs.
  4. HABA Tack Game There are 77 wooden pieces in the Springtime Butterflies Tack Zap Hammer Game ($21.84) with predrilled holes, nails and a hammer with which to create cute springtime designs. Make butterflies, caterpillars and flowers and then start all over again.
  5. Ahoy Matey! Bath time just got a lot more fun with the Pirate Bath Tub Fun set ($13.29). When wet, the shark, pirate and pirate ships stick to the tub or tiles. So your child can create stories while having a good soak.
  6. What words will your child spell with the ABC Sand Molds ($33.24)? Using the colorful molds, children can spell in the sand, snow or even mud, or with clay. The fun is limited only by what 26 letters can create.
  7. Such a simple toy, yet there’s so much fun to be had with the Hand Sand Mill Baudino ($9.49). Pour fine, dry sand through the hand-held funnel and watch it make the mill turn, spilling out.
  8. Encourage the explorer in your preschooler. Head outdoors with the Terra Kids Binoculars with their own bag ($18.99) to see what they can see. The binoculars magnify 4X and the set includes knowledge cards.
  9. HABA Young Children Games Who Am I? ($15.19) asks this fun game. Am I the astronaut? Or the mouse? Ask the right questions and win the game.
  10. The patterns and possibilities are endless with HABA’s Pattern Mosaic ($18.99). With just five colors, pieces of different shapes and sizes let children’s imaginations, creativity and special awareness flourish. is proud of the toys we create and carry for children of every age. Visit our website to see which toys will bring your preschooler joy while engaging them, educating and them amusing them, all at the very same time.