HABA FAMILYGROUP banner with wooden duck

The HABA FAMILYGROUP has been a companion and pioneer for children and families for many years. For over 80 years, the company has been developing and producing high-quality products for families as well as social, public, and private institutions. This diverse portfolio includes games, books, driving devices, child-friendly media, and practical everyday aids. The HABA FAMILYGROUP also produces equipment for children’s rooms, teaching and learning materials, innovative furniture, and room ideas for sustainable educational concepts as well as digital workshop offerings.

At its headquarters in Bad Rodach, the globally active family-owned company unites well-known corporate brands under one roof, including HABA, JAKO-O, and Wehrfritz, among others. The HABA FAMILYGROUP employs over 2,000 employees and generates annual sales of around EUR 360 million.


Wooden toy train setHABA USA is the exclusive American distributor of HABA toys and games. In 1980, Habermaass Corporation, Inc. purchased Skaneateles Handicrafters, a small wooden toy company in Central New York State accredited for making the first wooden toy trains in the United States in the mid-1930s. Skaneateles Handicrafters became TC Timber and continued to manufacture wooden trains until 2002. Today, HABA USA is part of the HABA FAMILYGROUP and is still located in Skaneateles, NY.


HABA USA is also the exclusive importer and distributor of two other brands:

  • Spielstabil (pronounced speel-sta-beel) is a phenomenal-quality, indestructible, color-fast line of beach toys, many of which are still made in Germany.
  • Hubelino (pronounced who-ba-lee-no) is a German-based manufacturer of building bricks and games that are fully compatible with common systems for interlocking toy blocks.

What We Believe

Everything we do is based on child growth, development, and happiness. We believe that children are more important than anything else, so everything we create is designed to make a child’s eyes light up and help them have fun while learning and growing.

But that doesn’t mean we ignore adults. HABA USA emphasizes social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The toys we sell are designed to last for years, keeping trash out of landfills, and are made from wood that is sustainably sourced. And we know that our employees and partners are among our greatest resources. We aim for success and fairness in everything we do.