Story Time


The Marvin Story Time Show was established by Gwyn McCormack, founder of Positive Eye in March 2020 to support families during COVID. It has been a resounding success and the outcomes from this fun, vibrant, family show have been immense to the extent now that the show goes live to over 200 families on a weekly basis for families of children who are deafblind with additional complex needs in America. The show currently reaches 22 States and many families and children and their siblings enjoy and benefit from this experience greatly. The outcomes have been phenomenal so far.

Join Us August 30th at 4pm EST for

a special LIVE HABA Story Time Show:

 Marvin's Seaside Adventure and the Rescue of Super Sparkle




The Story Time Shows focus on offering an inclusive multi-sensory fun enjoyable approach to story time that is welcoming of the whole family. In particular it is very suitable and has reached the best outcomes for children with complex needs.


  Positive Outcomes achieved from the Story Time Show

  •  Children who are non-verbal are engaging, shouting out, interacting during the show
  •  Increased engagement, concentration, communication
  •  Structured approach to literacy inclusive of the whole family
  •  Touches on all the literacy access skills for children, tactile, fine motor, language, book and story, concept development etc.
  •  Adventures are linked to everyday experiences



About The Story Time Show!

picture-of-gwyn.jpgGwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn the story teller and creator of the Marvin Story Time Shows, Marvin’s adventures and all the fun sparkly characters that are designed and created in-house uses a noisy, colorful, interactive, engaging approach to capture the children’s attention. They LOVE THE SHOW and so do their parents!

Gwyn-Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn uses cheerleader pompoms and lots of energy and enthusiasm to engage with the children through the screen.

"I write my own adventures of Marvin and bring them to life with him using colorful, engaging, colorful characters that we design and make at Positive Eye

We have our own songs, written by my son Tom – Maestro Tommity-Tom and I use funny voices for the characters, the children LOVE IT!

There is lots of repetition, color, high contrast, fun, high energy and enthusiasm are just some of the ingredients to create a multi-sensory approach to story time that reaches right out to ALL children and importantly also their parents.

I make an activity or a craft to go with the story chapter I am performing at each show. Then the families have fun making the craft during the week before the next show. It is always something related to chapter, to one of the fun characters usually."


Gwyn McCormack

Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments (BPhil. Spec.Ed. V.I. Distinction) Qualified Teacher Status (Cert.Ed)

Director Gwyn McCormack founded Positive Eye in 2008. After spending many years as a teacher, first in a mainstream secondary school. Later as a Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments in a peripatetic support service. She also spent five years managing a local authority peripatetic support service. Designed for children with vision impairments before leaving to set up Positive Eye.

Gwyn is an enthusiastic, committed and motivational individual. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of education and vision impairment. Inspired to set up Positive Eye by a passionate desire. To improve outcomes for children with vision impairments by providing expert practical advice. To help practitioners develop their skills and knowledge.

Gwyn has a clear understanding of inclusion. From the School, Service, Child and Family perspectives. Through Positive Eye, Gwyn provides courses and resources. Offering practical based, solution focused strategies and approaches.