Games Build Self Esteem!

Did you know that Games not only offer fun family time but that playing games with your children actually builds their self-confidence?  Making time to unplug and play board games with children is as important as feeding and bathing – seriously!   Playing games allows children to develop socially and intellectually.  Making decisions, using forethought, thinking sequentially, using memory, language, listening and concentrating skills are building healthy active neurons.  Learning how to be patient, to listen, to not being too bossy and to even winning and losing gracefully makes for a better well-rounded human being.  HABA creates imaginative games that are fun for all ages.  So why not unplug and play a HABA game today? HABA prides ourselves on making games that grandparents love playing as much as parents and children. 

And we know that game instructions sometimes get lost so we made it easy – click here to download HABA game instructions.