HABA Sand Play Shovel Excavator Sand Toy for Digging and Transporting Sand or Dirt

Sand Play Excavator

Age: 18 Months and Up

Made for fun in the sun, this colorful, eye catching excavator is sure to give your little one hours of fun at the beach, in the pool, or the sandbox. Your child can easily fill the hinged sand shovel with sand, shells, stones or any small item they wish to move. A simple locking mechanism keeps the shovel wide open when while scooping and closed tightly while transporting. The large wheels allow the truck to roll smoothly in the sand and the large handle allows your little one to easily carry the excavator to pour sand where needed. Pushing the excavator through the sand, filling the scoop and carrying the excavator by the handle will not only promote your child's hand-eye coordination, but will also strengthen both large and small motor skills. This multi-use toy facilitates free sand play which stimulates your child's tactile sense and promotes sensory development. This Excavator sand toy also encourages open-ended play to spark your child's creativity. Will your child build a large sandcastle with a mote, a network of rivers and streams or, a crab city for hermit crabs? The possibilities are endless. So, grab your family and head out for some summer fun with this entertaining sand toy.

1. Easily transport sand, shells, or stones to make the perfect sand creations.

2. Stimulates tactile sense and promotes sensory development. Helps develop hand-eye coordination, as well as small and large motor skills. Encourages open-ended creative play to stretch little imaginations.

3. Sturdy design ensures that sand excavator will withstand years of play. This toy has a 5-year guarantee.

4. Measures approximately 9 ¾’’ x 5 ½ x 6’’, with hang tag packaging. Suitable for children 1 ½ years or older.

5. Made of PP plastics, and ethylene vinyl acetate. At HABA, we maintain high quality standards in our materials and manufacturing. This toy conforms to the requirements of ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specification on Toy Safety, F 963. Design and Quality of HABA, Germany.


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Width: 5.98
Height: 10.00
Depth: 6.30
HABA Sand Play Shovel Excavator Sand Toy for Digging and Transporting Sand or Dirt
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