Paul and the Moon

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  • Ages: 6-99
  • Players: 1-6
  • Game Length: 5-10 minutes

Paul and the moon is a cooperative memory game.

Help Paul and the sparkle sprites save the moon! First the sparkle sprites must scale the stars, one sprite leaping over the other, building a ladder to the moon for Paul to climb. But they must do this before the moon disappears behind a cloud! Only then, can Paul give the radiant magic staff back to the moon, so that then once more the moon can shed beautiful moonlight on the Earth.

Players take control of Paul moving him around the pound, when he is moved on a new space look at the symbol on the same. Now pick a star that you think has the matching headdress symbol to the space Paul is on. If you are correct hang the star along the star path, creating part of the star ladder. If you did not pick the matching star, return the star (face-down) in the pond. And pull the cloud over until the new yellow star is visible, covering more of the moon. The next player now takes there turn. If you complete the star ladder before the moon is covered, you have saved the moon! There is also a competitive mode and two variations on the co-op mode to play.

Paul and the moon is a cooperative memory game.


  • 1 Paul’s garden (star path and garden pond)
  • 1 play figure Paul
  • 1 die with dots
  • 5 star tiles
  • 30 sparkle sprites
  • 10 wooden stars
  • 1 set of instructions with bedtime story

Download Instructions [pdf]

3 Years +
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Paul and the Moon

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