Nursery Furniture

For over 70 years, we at HABA know what sophisticated designers of childcare facilities and schools expect: furniture that can withstand everyday stresses and furniture that offers ideal solutions for different rooms – whether it be a preschool, a kindergarten, a school, or a daycare center. (this site) is the eCommerce platform for the HABA Toys division.  HABA has a separate distribution partner in the USA; Gressco Ltd. that sells the Nursery Furniture approved for USA commercial applications.  Please note that HABA’s selection of nursery furniture is for commercial applications (such as childcare centers) it is not intended for residential applications. 

Furthermore not all HABA’s nursery furniture is available for purchase in the USA.  To learn more about the entire nursery furniture line and products available both worldwide and exclusively to the USA please visit the HABA Germany website (in English) by clicking [here].