HABA Kullerbu Fire Alarm Ball Track Set with Sound

Kullerbu Sound Track Fire Alarm

Age: 2 - 8 Years
Fire alarm! Several trees are on fire right nowthe fire red fire truck with fireman's ladder must quickly take off to extinguish them! Depending on which side of the ladder truck races over the spectacular sound track or whether the water ball rolls over it, either fire sirens sound or the crackling of fire. Batteries are not included (2 x AAA Micro).

Contents: 1 forest fire backdrop, 1 sound track, 1 fire truck with fireman's ladder, 1 universal steep curve, 3 fire blocks, 2 columns, 2 straight tracks, 1 ramp, 1 exit ramp, 1 start block, 1 ball Water, 8 connecting elements.

Action and sound effect: Sound track causes fire sirens or fire crackling noise to play. Children enjoy these realistic noises at a pleasant volume. Fantastic complement to the Kullerbu theme set Fire Department Hammer House (304850)

UPC: 4010168244464
Width: 5.10
Height: 18.50
Depth: 13.10
HABA Kullerbu Fire Alarm Ball Track Set with Sound
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Made in: China