Hurray! Spring is Here


It’s a sunny afternoon in Kullerbü, and Paul has arranged with his friends to play. He’s already waiting at the meeting place, the colorful windmill, when his friend Cat Kira quickly comes rolling by. She really rushed to be on time but didn’t quite make it.
“I’m sorry that I’m late,” she pants and has to first take a deep breath.

“What do we want to play today? Maybe tag?” Paul asks.
While Kira is still thinking about it, a large flock of birds flies away right above their heads. “Spring is here, spring is here!” they cackle all excited and fly around once in a circle. And just as quickly as they came, they have flown away again.

Paul and Cat Kira remain taken aback. “Come, we’ll go out in search of spring!” Paul suggests. “Sure!” Kira says happily.

They first roll to the pond where the small brave green frog lives. If spring is to be found somewhere, then surely at the pond. “Hello, have you seen spring?” Paul calls when they arrive at the pond. But the frog is just then rather in a hurry and doesn’t have any time to answer. “I’ve got to go ... to the big tower ... to practice parachute jumps,” he mumbles, “Now in the spring that’s really great!” And with that he is already hopping away.

“What’s the matter with everyone today?” Paul wonders. Hardly had he said that when a loud clattering and rattling rang out in the sky. This can only mean one thing; one of the cheeky blue mice is again making a flight in his plane over Kullerbü. Paul and Cat Kira look up eagerly and squint. And indeed, just under the clouds, a mouse is rapidly flying by and the airplane is pulling a banner with an inscription “Hurray, spring is here!” is written in large letters on the soaring banner.

Apparently everyone has already seen spring except for Paul and Kira. Disappointed, they rolll on and a little later meet the small brown dog, who leisurely comes trotting down the street. “Hello,” Paul greets the dog cheerfully, “Perhaps you’ve seen spring?” “Sure,” says the dog, grinning at them both. “Should I reveal to you where you might find it?” “Yes,” Paul cries out immediately.

“Spring is everywhere.  You just have to look for it closely ... and listen!” the dog answers and trots cheerfully on.
Again Paul and Kira remain taken aback and then roll slowly in the opposite direction. And there they suddenly see it. To the right and left of the path, the first delicate flowers have poked through with a delicious flowery scent.  And the foliage on the trees is shining in a light green.

And not only that, they notice that everywhere they suddenly can hear birds twittering cheerfully and bees humming industriously.
“The dog was right after all,” Paul finally says, “Spring is really everywhere.”