Happy Birthday Paul!


There is one day a year that Paul looks forward to with excitement: his birthday. Of course he wants to have a big party with his friends, and he has already considered whom he’d like to invite: his best friend Cat Kira and her Dog Douglas. And the courageous parachuting frog and the daring flying mice must be there too. He’d handed each of them a colorful home-made invitation, and they have all agreed to come to his birthday party. Paul asked his mom for a delicious surprise birthday cake. “You’ll have to be a little patient,” Paul’s mom said, as she quickly closed the kitchen door behind her. “There won’t be any cake until this afternoon. Besides ... if you see it now, it won’t be a surprise any longer!”

“I’m sooo bored,” Paul complained. “Can’t the guests come a little earlier?” Paul rolled around in the dining room and didn’t really know what he should do. “How about helping me a little with the preparations, then the time will pass much more quickly,” his mom said.

They hung up the fun and colorful birthday garlands together and arranged the dishes and paper streamers on the table. And Paul busily scattered around more confetti. “Stop, Paul, that’s enough!” cried his mom, laughing.
It seemed like a small eternity to Paul until it was finally afternoon and his guests drifted in little by little.

Cat Kira and Dog Douglas were the first to arrive. They had a gigantic present with a red bow with them. “Happy birthday!” they both shouted together when Paul opened the door for them. “Oh, the present is really enormous,” Paul said happily.

“Hello Kira, hello Douglas,” Paul’s mom called out from the dining room. “Nice that you’re here. Come right in and find a seat. There’s hot chocolate and cake!” Nothing more needed to be said. Then a loud “thud” rang out in the garden. Everyone looked out the window puzzled. Hey, what was that? Oh dear, the courageous parachuting frog landed in the garden and knocked over a flower pot. He was a little dizzy at first, then he picked himself up again and adjusted his crash helmet. “Everything is okay,” he called from outside. “Sorry about the flower pot!” Before the frog sat down at the table, he handed Paul a large bouquet of flowers he had picked himself: “Happy birthday, Paul!”

It wasn’t long before a loud rattling and clattering sound could be heard outside, then tires squealed. The flying mice had landed in the street in their airplane and parked it right in front of Paul’s house. Finally the last birthday guests were there, and the party could begin!

When everyone was seated at the table, Paul’s mom brought the birthday cake from the kitchen. Paul’s mouth remained open from surprise. The cake was a lot more beautiful that he had imagined: enormous, with thick chocolate icing, colorful sprinkles – and real lit candles. “You have to blow out all the candles at once and wish something at the same time,” Kira cried excitedly. “But you must not tell what it is!” Paul took a very deep breath and began to blow.

When all the candles were blown out, Paul’s mom cut a piece of cake for each of the guests. The birthday child of course got the first piece. “Mm, yummy,” Paul said between two bites and the others agreed with him. That was the best birthday cake they had ever eaten! After almost the whole cake was polished off, it was time to unwrap the presents. Paul had been looking forward to this the whole time. He wanted to finally know what was in the big present that Kira and Douglas had brought.

“The present is from all of us. We made it together!” Kira cried. “Psst, don’t give it away,” whispered Douglas, “otherwise it won’t be a surprise any longer!” Paul untied the red bow and ripped off the colorful wrapping paper. And what emerged but a wonderful yellow crown made of paper.

“That’s really beautiful!” Paul cried enthusiastically and tried the crown on right away. “Today you’re the birthday king!” explained Douglas. “And you may determine what we’re going to play!” They played a lot of fun birthday games, and the afternoon flew by.

Eventually it was time for the guests to go home. “Don’t be sad, Paul,” his mom said. “Next year you’ll have a birthday again!” And together they waved good-bye to Kira, Douglas, and the others.