HABA USA Game Design Contest


 *We are currently out of Game Kits. However, keep an eye out for more next week. We are doing another limited release*

HABA USA is hosting its 3rd Annual Game Design Contest from 5/14/19-7/13/19.

Participants/game designers can purchase a design kit on that will contain pieces that can be used to create a new game. Each design kit will have unique contents and will include random pieces from discontinued and/or current HABA games. Your kit may include puzzle pieces, wooden figures, dice, blocks, board sections, and other pieces.

Games must adhere to the following rules:

  • Allow for 2 – 4 players
  • Game play must last between 15 - 45 minutes
  • Use at least three of the items from the HABA design kit. (Using the same item multiple times is acceptable)
  • Have complete rules that can be used to play the game.
  • Only include intellectual property you own or have rights to use.
  • Be a family weight game.
  • Something that fits into HABA’s game line.
  • Theme and mechanics are left up to you!
  • NEW THIS YEAR!!! You need to submit digital rules, as well as sending a full game prototype back to us. Please email a digital copy of your rules to

Art does not need to be finalized, as these are prototypes. Temporary art or no art either is okay.

A maximum of 200 design kits will be available for purchase on Limit one kit per person/group.

Purchase Kit Here

Game Design Kits are ONLY available on

To submit your game idea, please either drop off or mail games to the following address, to be postmarked no later than 7/13/19:

4407 Jordan Road
Skaneateles, NY 13152

Each game submission must include a contact information form. Your game rules should also include the name of the game, number of players, and game length.

A panel of judges, made up of game designers, local players, store managers and HABA USA staff, will play all games submitted and select the top 3-5 games that deem to be the best fit for HABA. The selected winners will receive a HABA games bundle. The winners’ games will be shown to our Director of New Game Development at HABA Germany corporate office. We cannot guarantee that your game will be published, but it will be given a fair look. Prototype games will be kept and not returned unless you provide a prepaid return shipping label with your game contest submission.

All contestants who submit a game to the contest will receive a $5 coupon to be used on One coupon code will be offered per game.

This contest is open to USA, Canada, and Mexico residents only. An additional shipping fee of 10.50 will be added to kits shipping to Canada. An additional $16 shipping fee will be added to kits shipping to Mexico. Must be 18 years or older to enter - or have a parent fill out and submit the consent form prior to submission of your game idea.

Leftover design kits, if available, will be available for purchase at the following consumer game shows:

Origins Game Fair
June 12th to the 16th
Columbus, Ohio
Dice Tower Con
July 4th to the 8th
Orlando, Florida



Can I use a game design that I have made prior to the contest?

We would prefer new designs, but as long as the game is not currently being published, or is not currently being considered/submitted to a publisher you can submit the game. All of the condition/rules for the contest still need to be met for the game to be accepted.

Is there a component limit or any other parts limit?

There is no limit on the number of/type of pieces you can be used. As long as at least three of the components are from a HABA design kit. You can add in other pieces you would like or use more items from the design kit.

You may also change pieces you have received in your kit to work in your game design (i.e. paint, glue together, etc)

Is there any theme limitations?

Your game design should fit into the HABA line of games (we like wooden bits) and be family friendly. Other than that, be creative!

Who has the rights to the game?


After the contest is over, all rights to the games go back with the designer(s). Only if you sign a contract with HABA, will HABA have the rights to the game. You are free to use, change or show your designs to anyone else.