Game Distributor Map Policy


HABA USA is proud to work with specialty retailers to satisfy the wishes of demanding gamers of all ages for high-quality, long lasting games made of carefully selected materials offering exceptional play value.   HABA is committed to the continued viability of the Brick & Mortar specialty business. We have adopted the following 3rd Party Internet Policy to support you, our valued retailer, and to protect and maintain the image and reputation of the HABA brand.

These guidelines govern the sale of all HABA USA distributed products on any website and includes products purchased through game distributors.

  1. HABA USA’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is the same as MSRP, unless noted otherwise, or when MSRP is not designated, is calculated as (2 x Wholesale Cost) - $.01.  
  2. Any prices listed in advertising programs must adhere to MAP. Advertising is defined as any direct mail, flyers, e-mail campaigns, print, catalog, broadcast and social media including retail web sites etc.
  3. This policy does not apply to any products identified as discontinued by HABA USA.
  4. Retailer agrees to only sell HABA products to the consumer/end user and not to third party dealers, wholesalers, other retailers or export distributors.
  5. Retailer agrees to only sell HABA products to end users located in the USA or Canada.



AMAZON FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon): HABA USA has independently chosen to limit the number of 3rd party Resellers allowed to sell HABA products through the Amazon 3rd party Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program. No unauthorized retailer is permitted to sell through the FBA program. HABA is not accepting additional partners in 2020. This policy is strictly monitored and enforced.

AMAZON MFN (Merchant Fulfilled): HABA USA does permit the HABA products to be sold on Amazon Marketplace with the following requirements:

  1. Retailer MUST have a brick & mortar store.
  2. Retailer MUST “self-fulfill”. (Ship to consumers directly from their own store or warehouse.)
  3. Retailer MUST ensure the product price (before shipping) is equal or greater to MAP for all current 2019 items.

Additional Online Marketplaces (Walmart, Target, Ebay, Jet etc): HABA USA does not permit the sale of HABA products on these marketplaces without authorization. MAP Pricing applies to approved sellers.

Proprietary Retail Websites: HABA retailers are permitted to list HABA products on their own websites provided they have a brick and mortar store and the MAP is strictly adhered to. In some cases, exceptions may be made for sellers who have a legitimate game related online presence without a physical store.

HABA USA is works closely with our game distributors to publicize and enforce this policy. Sellers who send product to Amazon FBA (regardless of price level) will be reported to distributors as “do not sell”. Sellers who violate MAP Pricing will be given 1 warning. HABA USA reserves the right to terminate any account who violates our MAP or 3rd party internet policy.


For a complete list of our terms and conditions, please call HABA Customer Service at 800-468-6873.