Large Game Design Bits Kit

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Game Design Bulk Bits Box


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This bulk box of bits is designed to let local communities either participate in the HABA Game Design contest (running 5/6/21-6/22/21), or create and run their own game jams using HABA bits. If you have received access to this page, please DO NOT share links to this product, as each purchase is confirmed by HABA.

Each Bulk Bits Kit may include up to 9 pounds of puzzle pieces, wooden figures, dice, blocks, board sections, and other wooden pieces. We include free shipping on this box and only charge enough to cover shipping and the cost of materials.

CLICK HERE for link to full rules and information about the HABA Game Design Contest, if you would like to use this box for the contest.

Bulk Bits Kits are ONLY available on Not available in stores. US-only, no exceptions.

Large Game Design Bits Kit
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