HABA Ballet Dream 5 Piece Outfit for 12" HABA Soft Dolls

Dress Set - Ballet Dream

Age: 18 Months and Up

Ballet Dream Dress Set is created with careful workmanship and with your child’s needs in mind. These pieces are easy to put on and take off so that even learning hands can typically change out doll clothing on their own. The set includes a frilly pink tutu skirt, a shorts bodysuit to wear under the tutu, a set of leg warmers, and a long-sleeved wraparound gray shirt.

With this doll dress set, your child can involve their chosen doll in sessions of dance, while they look the part. The act of dressing a doll for dance is especially appealing to small children interested in dance, because matching their favorite toy reinforce the idea that they’re enjoying their favorite activity with another person.

  • Perfect fit for HABA's 12-13.5“ dolls
  • Excellent workmanship and easy to put on or take off
  • Machine washable, cold water, air dry   


  • Tutu skirt
  • Bodysuit
  • Wrap
  • Leg Warmers

Materials: Polyester 

UPC: 4010168242361
Width: 3.46
Height: 7.40
Depth: 7.28

HABA's soft dolls, clothing and accessories are machine washable on cold/delicate. Please do not tumble dry.

HABA Ballet Dream 5 Piece Outfit for 12" HABA Soft Dolls
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