Dragon Tower

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  • Ages: 5-99
  • Players: 2-4
  • Game Length: ~15 minutes 

Fairytale land is in an uproar. The ferocious dragon Tarax has kidnapped the beautiful Princess Zaffira, and locked her in his tall dragon tower. She can‘t escape on her own. The dragon makes Zaffira tell him long bedtime stories and sing him lots of lullabies. Luckily, the fearless Prince Carlo, his knights and companions, are on their way with a bold plan to help Princess Zaffira escape from the dragon‘s clutches. While Tarax sleeps they build scaffolding next to the dragon tower. Four companions hold each level of the scaffolding. Then the next four companions climb onto this level and hold the next one up, until they reach the balcony of the dragon tower. Once this is done, Prince Carlo can climb up and rescue Princess Zaffira. But woe betide them if Tarax awakes and discovers them! He would be very angry and knock down the entire scaffolding. So hurry up, before time runs out ...

They must skillfully work together using their strong memory skills in order to rescue the princess before the dragon makes everything come crashing down.


  • 1 Princess Zaffira
  • 1 Tarax the dragon with rock
  • 1 tower
  • 4 scaffolding levels
  • 4 sliders (1 prince, 3 knights)
  • 12 companions in 5 colors
  • 22 building tiles
  • 1 game board 
  • 1 set of game instructions 

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5 - 99 Years
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Dragon Tower