Combination Ideas

Kullerbü: one play system, thousands of play options


The combination options of the Kullerbü play system are as colorful and varied as the play system itself: the Kullerbü tracks can be flexibly combined. This encourages the imagination and creativity of little Kullerbü builders aged between 2 and 8 years, and ensures even more variety when playing. If the track needs to grow upwards or in length then you generally need additional "construction material" in the form of pillars, straight sections, curves and connecting elements. All this is included in the practical Kullerbü expansion sets. Every Kullerbü package illustrates a sample setup for the Kullerbü track inside. The Kullerbü designers worked hard on these setups, and "tested" them thoroughly for playing fun. But this is only one of the many ways to set up the track. The path the balls take through the colorful play world is completely up to the children and their parents. We have put together a variety of combination ideas, which show the flexibility of the Kullerbü play system.