Caring for Your Toys

Wooden Toys

As a general rule of thumb for a child's safety, disinfectants (alcohol or bleach based) should not be applied directly to any wooden early childhood toys or game pieces.  Why?  Wood is a naturally organic material and disinfectants damage the water based protective coatings applied to protect the stains and/or colors beneath.  To clean wooden toys, we recommend using a lightly damp cloth; the cloth can be simply dampened with warm water.  If you wish to infuse any cleaning agent we recommend a small amount of either water and a mild dish soap or a water &  vinegar essence mix.  Both options work extremely well in destroying bacteria and cleaning wooden toys.  After cleaning the toy we strongly encourage to wipe the toy dry with a clean cloth.   REMEMBER - Wood is a natural material that soaks in moisture.  Do not ever submerse wooden toys in water or place in a dishwasher.