Building Site Clutching Puzzle

Building Site Clutching Puzzle

Age: 1 - 2 Years

There is always much to do on the construction site. Who wants to help the busy builders? This clutching puzzle lets even the smallest child place and arrange, piece by piece, into the puzzle frame, assisted by the large, easy to grasp knobs.

  • Includes 4 shapes with easy to grasp knobs and puzzle board
  • Dimensions: 12" x 4"

Material: plywood

UPC: 4010168218908
Width: 0.39
Height: 11.73
Depth: 3.94

Use a cloth dampened with warm water. You may use a small amount of dish soap or vinegar essence mix combined with water. Both work extremely well in destroying bacteria and cleaning wooden toys.

Please Note: Do not submerse in water or place in dishwasher. Disinfectants (even organic baby wipes), should not be used as they can damage the water based coatings that protect the colorful paints beneath.
Building Site Clutching Puzzle
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