The 5 Best STEM Toys for 2-3 Year Olds - for Under $30!

The 5 Best STEM Toys for 2-3 Year Olds - for Under $30!

Posted by Andrea Elliott on Jul 17th 2019

It's never too early to promote STEM-focused play in your child.  YES - even Toddlers! In fact, young minds are naturally drawn toward STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) concepts from an early age. So why not provide them with quality, battery-free, open ended toys that will help them to fully realize their natural abilities to design, build, stack, sort and experiment!

Here is our list of some of our favorite HABA toys for toddlers that promote important STEM skills!

Creative Stones - Calling all creative builders! Time to make amazing 2D and 3D patterns both on and off the board! Children as young as 2 will enjoy making their own structures and patterns using free play, or experimenting with the simpler pattern cards. This gorgeous set is sure to hold the attention of older builders as well!

Bath Tub Ball Tracks - Say what? Yes, now you can bring the fun of a ball track into the BATH! Sometimes it's hard to get a toddler to sit still and focus on playing with one thing for more than a few seconds. That's why playtime during baths is so special, with so much potential - they can't go anywhere! So why not set them up with something they'll absolutely adore playing with while they get in a good soak? Our bathtub ball tracks will make tubby time something they look forward to, instead of something they run from! Little ones can design the ball’s course themselves by arranging the water track elements in endless different ways...bath time will never be the same again!

Brain Builder Cat & Mouse - Blooming minds and nimble fingers are put into actions when children attempt to build the picture shown on the card. A deck of 20 cards with threes degrees of difficulty have the solution on the flip side. Of course kids will create their own buildings too in free play! It encourages cognitive development, cause & effect and creativity.

Palette of Pegs - This colorful wooden arranging toy will encourage creativity while fostering fine motor skills and shape and color recognition. Find the matching colors or make your own design. Make it all on one level, or stack the pegs and use the stacked rings to keep it steady. How high can you build? This stacking game is ideal for free-play. Children will have fun assigning colors and making many creative stacking variations.

Highlights Number Dragon - This adorable dragon helps your child learn numbers. Each colorful threading piece includes a number and corresponding symbol to reinforce learning. Develops fine-motor skills and number recognition. The "Pincer Grip" which is also utilized while playing with threading toys such as this is important for holding a pencil or crayon, an eating utensil, fastening closures, using scissors and manipulating small items. It's an important skill to have, so why not have fun while working on it!

HABA Believes in STEM!

STEM_logoSTEM encompasses a lot of different areas and our toys have incorporated STEM areas right from our very first set of blocks back in the 1930's. Open-ended toys to construct, manipulate, engineer, explore and experiment with have proven to be some of the best toys for children. We've curated a collection of select HABA toys that fall into the STEM category, which will help children learn important skills for life simultaneously as they play. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. These 4 specific areas are important because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how children learn most effectively.

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