Passive Toys for Toddlers Offer Endless Learning Possibilities

Passive Toys for Toddlers Offer Endless Learning Possibilities

Posted by Andrea Elliott on Feb 27th 2018

Toddlers are like little sponges. These tiny, adorable humans are learning and growing at exponential rates. In fact, the first three years of life influence the quality of brain architecture and establishes the foundation for all of the learning, health, and behavior that follow. Because the brain's adaptability is greatest in the first years of life, children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time. 

Learning Through Play

The most important way young children learn is through play. During play, natural curiosity is what leads them. This is why having quality, age appropriate toys available is so important. Toys that teach don't have to be fancy or make noise. The best toys don't require batteries, talk or tell stories. The most beneficial toys for toddlers are those that leave the learning and exploration up to the child. Some experts refer to these toys as "passive toys" -- toys that stimulate the imagination, encourage creative thinking and develop early problem solving skills. The less a toy does, the more it requires from the child, and the more potential for learning.

New "Passive Toys" for Toddlers from HABA

Below are four new HABA toys that can be played with, and learned from in many different ways -- totally determined by the child. Whether it is sorting, placement, color recognition, fine motor skills or even early language; our open-ended toys are irresistible to children because of the simplicity and the endless learning possibilities they offer!

My First ABC Clutching Puzzle -This colorful clutching puzzle helps children playfully learn the alphabet by puzzling the large, easy to grasp knobs into the puzzle frames. The fun design and different colors helps to encourage color recognition while sharpening fine motor skills.

Snack Stack Sorting Box - The dog likes bones, but what does the bunny snack on? Stack-Snack Sorting Box brings children double fun, learning the favorite foods of darling animals and training shape-recognition and fine motor skills.

Wooden Puzzle Merry Animal Mix & MatchWho is fishing in the fishbowl? And who is knitting a warm sweater? Little puzzle pros can decide for themselves what the animals do. By mixing and matching, they can create funny animal activity combinations.The sliding lid provides the puzzle frame, while the box safely stores all puzzle pieces.

My Very First Games - Tidy Up - This is the latest addition to our My Very First Games line designed specifically for toddlers. What goes where? "Tiptop" is baffled... give him a hand! Together you can help him put his toys neatly in the right place on the toy shelf. A cooperative clean-up game for 1 to 3 little ones ages 2 years and older. Includes a competitive and matching game variation for advanced game-play.