Newborn Baby’s Room: Why Light Control is Important

Newborn Baby’s Room: Why Light Control is Important

Posted by Andrea Elliott on Jun 1st 2021

Usually, before the birth of a child, the parents start getting many things in place towards making proper provision for the basic needs of such a child. One of such basic things that need to be put in its proper place irrespective of the child’s gender, before the arrival of the new born as well as towards the proper growth and development of the child is light. Getting the ideal type of light to suit the developing cells of the newborn baby’s eyes is of paramount importance. The type of light in the room goes a long way to determine how beautiful and welcoming the house is. However, older adults in the house are not left out as they will still find the light very useful in carrying out their daily activities. Furthermore, the human and material resources that could go into getting the ideal type of light could be overwhelming.

Light control and its importance

The eye is a doorway to the baby’s mind. The baby’s vision is one of the least developed senses at birth. However, visual inputs during the child’s early days might have some effects on his/her developing central nervous system. However, one might ask, ‘what is the importance of visual stimulation to a child?’ At birth, the retina, which is the black layer of the eye cannot distinguish much different colors of shade and light. Furthermore, the nerve cells are not well connected and are highly disorganized at birth. The provision of continuous visual input into the baby’s eyes will thrive the retina and the optic nerves will grow. The visual parts of the newborn’s brain will develop further very rapidly. Proper light control in the newborn’s room will certainly go a long way in enhancing quick and proper development of these nerve cells and as such, enhance proper visual stimulation.

Below are some simple ways to stimulate newborn’s vision:

• Use dark and light blankets, bedspread, pillowcases, etc to surround your baby’s bed.

• Buy your baby toys with high contrast, primary colors.

• When your baby is awake with eyes open, place books or toys with visually stimulating colors, shapes and patterns about 8 to 12 inches away from his or her face.

On the other hand, one should not expose newborn babies to too much light rays, especially those coming from the hot sun and incandescent lights. Besides, one should never fire the flash unit of cameras closer than 1 meter for infants. Excess light rays going into the baby’s eyes can damage the retina. Furthermore, lasers and very bright industrial lights can also damage the retina.

Choosing the best night light for your baby

Night lights are usually designed to illuminate the room with soft glow that is not too bright to prevent sleep. However, there are so many and different night lights available in the market and stores today. It is therefore vital that one should be careful in choosing and buying any for his or her baby.

Below are some of the factors to consider before buying a night light:

• The color of the night light.

• The type of bulb that the night light is made of.

• If the night light has a timer.

Light control strategies

Controlling the amount of light rays that enters into the newborn room is a joint effort of both parents as they are the ones who will determine how to control the light and what method to use. This is because there are several methods which can be used for light control. Irrespective of the method however, aesthetics is very important in light control. Furthermore, light control is more than just design and aesthetics, it also entails finding the right creative design that best suits your home that supports safety, general well being and health of the occupants. In addition, the room should be designed in such a way that it reflects personality. Below are  some of the strategies that can be used to control the amount of light in the new born room.

• The use of curtain: Curtains are clothes that are usually hung in a doorway or window, used to exclude or draft light from the room, as well as for privacy reasons. However, when curtains are used, they not only provide privacy, they also help to prevent excess light rays from entering into the room. They provide light, which warms the room and makes it feel and look more alive and brighter. Furthermore, the choice of curtain should be dependent on the theme of the room. This will go a long way to complement the background design of the room. Sheer drapes window curtain that looks fantastic should be used in the windows of the newborn because of its light and transparent nature. The color of the curtain is of paramount importance because colors to a very great extent go a long way to reflect human personality and as such one should choose bright colors that are welcoming depending on his or her choice. This will also make the newborn’s room, grand.

• Light bulbs: The choice of light bulbs used in the room is also one of the basic factors that determine the amount of light in the newborn’s room. To avoid damaging the developing cells in the eyes of the newborn, fluorescent and not incandescent light bulbs should be used. This is because incandescent bulbs always cause heat and burn off more energy and as such should not be used. Fluorescent bulbs also add beauty to the room and make it more trendy and grand. Light makes bring romantic effect in any room and as such, dim light, which helps in creating such romantic effect should be used.

• Landscaping: Apart from aesthetics, landscaping helps to control the amount of light rays that comes into the newborn room. However, the use of ornamental features such as trees, herbs and shrubs in gardens close to newborn room helps also to prevent and control direct light rays. For proper cross ventilation to take place, the room should be properly and neatly arranged in such a way that there will be free movement within the room. Never overfill the space.

By John Smith and!