null - Gotz Maxy Muffin Review

Posted by Andrea Elliott on May 26th 2013

The Baby Doll Chronicles Review of HABA's Gotz Maxy Muffin DollAllie from GoGrahamGo posted a great review of our Maxi Muffin! "What maks a Götz doll extraordinary is its hair, sculptured face, trendy clothing and its soft fabric or vinyl body. Unbeknownst to me, their renowned doll hair can be washed, styled (even with a curling iron or blow dryer on low setting!) and brushed just like their owner’s hair! Any other doll hair would melt with this treatment.  This makes a Götz  doll perfect for children who love playing with doll hair. Make sure you check out the many Götz doll hair styling techniques on HABA’s YouTube channel; including Braids, Double Knot and Cornrows! There are some great tutorials even for me on how to do my own daughters’ hair!" Read the rest