Free Little Friends Downloads - Wallpapers & Coloring Pages!

Free Little Friends Downloads - Wallpapers & Coloring Pages!

Posted by Andrea Elliott on Nov 2nd 2018

Come along into the Little Friends Play World! Our Little Friends characters are adventurous, diverse and full of fun ideas! Best of all, they're great role models! Each character has different interests and passions that you can introduce to your child with the help of some fun downloads and printables!

Equestrian Wallpapers for Tablets and Phones

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Coloring & Activity Pages (click image to download/view)

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Nature Discovery Worksheet (click image to download)

Grab a parent, sibling or friend and venture outside! See if you can find treasures in nature like leaves, branches, stones, pinecones and acorns. How many different kinds of leaves can you find? What animals did you see? Use this worksheet to fill in, check, glue or draw what you saw on your trip!

Party Invitations (click image to download)

Having a birthday celebration or even just a pretend tea party? These Little Friends  invitations (pdf) are the perfect way to invite YOUR friends while adding some personal touches!

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