Quality & Safety are Very Important to Us

HABA is a socially conscious company.  Still family owned and operated after 75 years we believe in making great products that will be enjoyed for generations.  We are known for our high quality and superb working conditions, worldwide.  We require the same high quality standards of our suppliers that we do of ourselves and to ensure this we have employees constantly monitoring, in person, our various suppliers from around the globe.  You can be assured that when you are buying a HABA product that we are willing to put our name on that it is produced in the fairest, safest environments.

HABA has known what you, as demanding parents, expect: a durable toy of a special, safe and lasting design. A toy that is fun and that encourages your child’s development through play as well as stimulating his or her perception. Naturally, it must fulfill all the applicable safety standards.

Years ago HABA was the very first toy manufacturer in Germany to voluntarily bring our toys to a third party laboratory to have them tested.  We proactively achieved the acclaimed ISO 9001 Certification in the 1990’s and then in 2005 the Habermaaß company successfully passed the re-certification of DIN EN ISO 9001 and the new certificate ISO 14001. These certificates guarantee a high quality environmental management system, as well as consistent product standards, the compliance with all prevailing safety requirements and the rigorous abidance of all environmental guidelines.

At HABA, the safety of our items is our utmost priority.  Our toys meet and often exceed the ASTM mechanical specifications required by the CPSIA in the USA.  In addition, our items are additionally tested to meet the stringent European requirements for toy safety.  We are very careful in the selection of our producers across the world. We regularly visit all production sites and have rigorous quality controls.

In fact, HABA maintains a wholly owned facility in China. Our employees regularly visit and inspect our partner suppliers and hold them to the highest quality standards and working conditions.  Prior to market placement, the safety of the materials, the engineering process, the mechanical endurance testing and the actual use of our products are all tested and documented by independent, third party testing institutes.

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