Sound Staircase Set (Marble)

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3 - 10 Years


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As the marbles bounce down the five stairs, they create a lively musical sound. The bell can be used to signal the completion of the marble run or can be inserted anywhere along the way.
Made In Germany STEM Fosters Learning
  • UPC Code: 4010168011493
  • Model Number: HB-1149
  • Height: 3.98
  • Length: 10.91
  • Width: 5.59
  • Made In: Germany
  • Brand: HABA
  • Age Group: 3 - 10 Years
  • Warning: Contains a Marble
  • Materials: Beech wood, glass marbles, bell.
  • gender: Gender Neutral
  • Bathing Baby: N/A
  • Doll Series: N/A
  • Doll Body: N/A
  • WITH hair: N/A
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Sound Staircase Set (Marble)

  • Sound Staircase Set (Marble)
  • Sound Staircase Set (Marble)
  • Sound Staircase Set (Marble)
  • HABA Marble Run Around the World!

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