Sleepy Castle

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The castle is quiet in the dead of night. All of the residents are fast asleep and do not notice the nimble robber sneaking around the walls. Only the 12 guardians of the legendary castle‘s treasure do not sleep - or perhaps they do just for a moment? When a light-fingered thief catches two guards nodding off, he can steal the treasure that they‘re supposed to guard. You have to uncover the right sleepyhead chips before the hunt for the precious treasure coins can begin. The goal is to be capture the most treasures! An unusual memory game for 1 to 4 crafty thieves between 4 and 99 years old.

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Made In Germany
  • UPC Code: 4010168217581
  • Model Number: HB-301774
  • Height: 4.6
  • Length: 7.2
  • Width: 1.49
  • Made In: Germany
  • Brand: HABA
  • Age Group: 4 Years +
  • Warning: Small Part
  • Materials: Sturdy Cardboard
  • Awards: .
  • gender: Gender Neutral
  • Bathing Baby: N/A
  • Doll Series: N/A
  • Doll Body: N/A
  • WITH hair: N/A
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Warning: Contains Small Parts

Sleepy Castle

  • Sleepy Castle

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