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Superior playmates - In every respect!

Building perception and empathy,
through long-lasting friendships.

Götz Dolls – Playmates for Life

Every child wants a playmate to love and care for. A playmate that lets them wash and comb their hair, pick their outfits, tie their shoes. One who will be with them until they grow up and will bring back memories of childhood for decades to come.

HABA USA is proud to bring that joy and create those memories for children throughout North America in partnership with European toy manufacturer Götz dolls, maker of award-winning, top-quality dolls that are favorites of doll lovers and collectors around the world.

When Marianne Götz began making dolls in Germany in 1950 she wanted them to be as lifelike as possible. She carefully sculpted their faces, designed realistic clothes for them, and even made their hair so that it could be washed and styled. Young children and collectors alike fell in love with the dolls, and 60 years later, the adorable yet rugged playmates are more popular than ever.

Götz dolls have been recognized by many children’s product groups with accolades such as the Oppenheim Platinum Award, Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products and a NAPPA Honors award. By building a social relationship and heightening perception and empathy in young people, Götz dolls fit the HABA USA mission of encouraging learning through play perfectly.

From the adorable Mini Muffin to stately Elisabeth, you’ll find a doll that’s sure to capture your heart. Choose from 30 different styles.

Half the joy of having a Götz doll is choosing its wardrobe. HABA USA has 25 different outfits from baby clothes to jeans and dresses, so your Götz playmate will never have to say, “I don’t have anything to wear.” 

Teach your mommy or daddy-in-training valuable nurturing skills with car seats, strollers and care kits for her Götz doll. These realistic accessories let your child learn that there’s more to having a baby on board than they may think. Feeding, changing, and taking baby along teach valuable lessons that will serve your youngster well throughout life.

Götz Dolls Aren’t Just for Kids

Doll lovers and collectors have been Götz doll fans for many years. HABA USA makes it easier than ever to collect fine Götz dolls in North America with our large selection of dolls, clothing, and accessories. They make great birthday and holiday gifts, too.