Made in Germany

Made In GermanyHABA’s story began with colorful toys that were finely sanded and polished to a wonderfully smooth finish, just right for tender children’s hands, according to the company’s 1939 catalog.

More than 70 years later, we carry on that tradition,making fine wooden toys. Today we are using lumber from PEFC-certified forests where more trees are being planted than harvested. We carefully take that lumber through humidity controls and use the latest in technology to determine the best use for each piece of fresh lumber.

Will it be used for a rattle or for a piece of furniture? Depends on the knots in the plank! And not one piece of dust goes to waste. Even the remnant wood pieces are used to heat the factories. We consistently use water-based stains to achieve colorful, yet safe wooden products for children. The idea is for the wood-grain to show through, not be covered up with paint! At HABA, we do our best to produce all of the wooden items possible right in our family-owned factories in Germany.