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HABA’s First Playing Line Great For Toddlers & Beyond!

Some of the most exciting moments in parenthood are all of those “firsts”  — baby’s first breath, first bath, first smile, first giggle, first time rolling over, first time sleeping through the night, first solid foods, first word, first few steps…and the list could go on! The first few years of a child’s life are believed to be the most important in terms of brain development. Children are constantly growing, changing and developing to reach new motor, cognitive, social and emotional milestones.

While unconditional love and support are a parent’s number one priority when it comes to caring for their child, HABA believes that learning and playing should come next! That is why we’ve developed several lines of toys and games tailored specifically for toddlers and preschoolers. HABA’s My Very First Games were designed to stimulate learning and development through play early on.  All of these “first” games can be played competitively or cooperatively –where there is not just one winner.  Most importantly, every game has simple rules to be be understood, remembered and followed.  Each game comes with instructions and also doubles as a toy set for open play.  The solid wood pieces are chunky and easy for little fingers to grasp, and the various game boards are vibrant and cheery with bright colors and bright scenes. My Very First Games focus specifically on sorting, matching, counting, stacking, listening, building, puzzles and color and shape recognition to stimulate all the senses.

Our featured My Very First Game is Sailor Ahoy!  Like all other My Very First Games, it is recommended for ages two and up and can be played with alone or with up to 4 others.  Sailor Ahoy!  incorporates working as a team, putting together a puzzle, building and stacking.  The object of the game is simple – work together to help Sam the Sailor reach the ship before it heads to deep water. Boys and girls will love this great introduction to the exciting world of board games!

In addition to board games, HABA also offers several other “first” sets including My First Noah’s Ark, My First Ball Track and Building Blocks First Number Fun.  The over sized pieces in these sets make them perfect for inquisitive toddlers to grasp and manipulate.

My First Noah’s Ark – With this sturdy ark, children will love re-enacting the famous story of Noah’s Ark. The animals enter the boat in pairs and set off on their journey. The solid beech wood figures are brightly colored with friendly detailed faces. Set includes Noah, his wife and 10 animals.

My First Ball Track - What a great introduction to the world of HABA ball track sets! The over sized track and chunky design makes this perfect for all little builders. Colored connecting blocks lock into place to withstand little ones excited unsteadiness. Best of all, as the child grows the First Ball Track sets can be used with other HABA block and ball track sets!

Building Blocks First Number Fun – Whether they feel like building structures or doing simple math – your little pupil will adore this solid wood block set. Includes 10 cubes with numbers, one plus sign, one minus sign, one equal sign and two with with mini chalk boards for writing on with the included chalk!

The HABA “first playing” sets are simple enough to be enjoyed by toddlers and versatile enough to be combined with other HABA sets and enjoyed by all ages. Explore our entire offering of toddler toys online or look for them in a specialty toy store nearest you!

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HABA's Marble Run Marble in Huffington Post Check out this article on the Huffington Post that mentions our Marble Run Ball Tracks!

Marble Runs Marble runs are a great option for allowing girls to build a working contraption. There are several great options available but my daughter loves our Haba set, which incorporates blocks, bells, and musical components. Marble runs encourage open-ended building and problem solving and can constantly be changed. Adding or removing pieces is a way to keep your child constantly challenged.

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IN NY Magazine – HABA Sevilla Blocks Featured

New Yorkers- Head over to Kidding Around on 15th St and check out the many awesome HABA items that they sell including these…

HABA Wooden Blocks Featured

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Read [here] about how our Moover Dump Truck helped make this little boy’s 2nd birthday memorable and helped make assembly a “snap” for his parents!

Review of HABA Moover Dump Truck

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Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine – Large Playset at the Zoo Featured

HABA Large Playset at the Zoo Featured in Gifts and Decorative Magazine

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HABA Featured in Pregnancy Magazine

Check out this great review of our pushing car from!

“My son loved this toy before we even finished putting it together.  He started pushing it around before we added the handle, which of course then made it even more fun for him.  The Pushing Car Walker Wagon is a high quality toy with really great craftsmanship.  In addition to my son loving the toy, it actually looks great in my living room.  It’s also a lot more durable than some of the plastic toys that we’ve bought….”

Read the rest [here]

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Pregnancy & Newborn – HABA & Moover in Photoshoot – Summer 2013

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Baton Rouge Parents Magazine – Color Buttons Pegging Game Review

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The Best Baby Shower Gift is the Heirloom Toy

SKANEATELES, NY — We’ve all been to baby showers—we’ve measured bellies and participated in silly games, but time after time, we face the question of what to gift. Not everyone is crafty enough to make a diaper cake and the onesie won’t last 6 months. The best idea is to give something memorable. The heirloom toy is, without a doubt, your best bet. It will provide hours of fun and entertainment for the child, it has a sentimental undertone for the mom-to-be and it has a long shelf life. You’ll be the favorite “Auntie” in the room.

The Moover Rocking Horse from HABA

Here at HABA, we are the exclusive U.S. retailer of Moover heirloom toys, a luxury brand of Danish-designed mobile wooden toys with traditional craftsmanship that can be passed down for generations. The collection of Moover toys includes brightly colored pieces babies can push and ride on as they begin to explore their environment. We carry two versions of trucks, a baby walker, a baby carriage and  – the classic — a rocking horse.

Not only will the child love these toys, the push and ride movement aids the cultivation of motor skills, which is critical in the developmental process. According to a study by the United States Sports Academy as published in The Sport Journal, a direct correlation exists between “a preschool child’s level of proficiency in motor skills and the level of their physical fitness in adolescence.”

The Moover toys at HABA USA are genuinely the gift that keeps on giving – for the child through toddler-hood, and then for the family for generations to come.

Since we’re talking classics here, as a little taste of what Moover from HABA has to offer, consider the Moover Rocking Horse, which comes in both natural wood and red.

The Moover Toys’ Rocking Horse will quickly become your little one’s favorite toy! It will teach them to rock by experiencing how a repeated body movement is transformed to the rocking movements of the horse. With Moover Toys’ special “brake curve,” safety is also a priority, ensuring that the horse does not rock too high. The unique seat is designed to ensure that the child sits securely and protected. This results in a safe position during the rocking and prevents the child from touching the floor.

Like all Moover items, the assembly is quick and easy, with no tools required, and the Rocking Horse is very secure. It is constructed with Linden and Bass wood and, of course, is colored with non-toxic, water-based stains. It’ll be a fixture in that child’s playroom and bedroom, well, probably until they have their own children.

HABA takes great pride in designing, creating and offering only the finest toys and children’s items available anywhere. The items can be found at premier toy shops throughout the country which carry our brands. Start a family tradition today.

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Classic HABA toys are sure to be a part of a child’s life. Forever.

SKANEATELES, N.Y. – We talked with a Grandpa the other day and caught him waxing poetic about the toys of his memory. His favorite thing had been a wooden wagon that carried all of his other toys around, not to mention a few cats. His brother favored a Fire Engine truck – and it had to be white. His daughter, now grown, never parted with a plush panda bear and, a little bit tattered like the Velveteen Rabbit, it still stays cozy propped on her pillow to this day.

It’s interesting to see things like this in other people’s homes, as well. A wooden rattle from a childhood more than eight decades ago displayed prominently on a visible bookcase. A scooter rescued from the basement storage compartment of an old woman by her son who hadn’t seen since he abandoned it for a bicycle some 50 years ago. A doll with one eye and yellowing and tattered clothing who, if memory served, was last seen at a tea party in 1964.

What all of these toys had in common was that they were – are – cherished. Toy boxes then and now were/are full of fun things to play with, but every child has that favorite toy that goes beyond fun. That toy transcends its toy-ness and ceases to be simply fun, but rather takes on a life as if it was part of the child’s DNA. Forever. Want proof? Ask anyone of any age about that “special toy” and you’ll get a full description; if they have somehow lost it over the years they will admit that it feels like a part of them is gone.

And let’s be honest – the “special” toys for people aren’t the loudest, the most faddish or even the most popular at the time. They are classics. The stand the test of time and the rigors of a three-year-old’s play habits, only slightly worse for the wear. Something new can cause excitement for a period of time, and the old toy might sit on the shelf or in the bottom of the toy chest for a period of time. But when that kid goes off to college, the classic toy goes along.

HABA knows a thing or two about classic, cherished toys. After all, we’ve been making fine hand-crafted toys since the 1930s, and many children of our acquaintance (or “inner children”) still have their favorite HABA creation from 10, 20, 30 even 60 years ago.

It is never too late to get a classic for your own child or grandchild and HABA has a few suggestions that have been proven winners – true keepsakes – in our stable of fine toys for decades that remain in our line today.

Classic Duck

The Original Classic Duck Brochure Photo

One of the key toys that has become a part of children’s lives and memories since we introduced it way back in 1974 is the Classic Duck Pull toy. This treasure is a hand-crafted wooden duck, made of beech wood and colored with non-toxic water-based stains, featuring a nylon cord for pulling. The Duck wobbles happily from side to side and is so popular with the 1- to 2-year old set that the only complaint we’ve ever had in nearly 40 years is that all of the other toys available to the child sit by idly. It is colorful – natural wood body and wings, red bill and wheels, and a yellow crown – and is an imaginative toy that invigorates play and teaches the basics of locomotion. Since the child him- or herself makes it work, it is highly interactive – and hard to give up when playtime’s over.

Duck Pull Toy

Today's Classic Duck

The Classic Duck Pull toy for a child today is a chief candidate for being the very toy that that child’s children will be playing with in the late 2030’s.

Another favorite that quickly takes on cherished status for the just-ready-to-walk crowd is HABA’s Walker Wagon. When we introduced this marvel in 1994 we quickly discovered from our retailers and customers that it was an instant classic – a toy that other mother’s saw and went out and bought for their toddlers. (Turns out they had to because even in a room full of toys and children, every child wanted to push the Walker Wagon and sharing at this age is a developing characteristic).

Walker Wagon

HABA's Versatile Walker Wagon

With a sturdy construction and a high degree of stability for safety, this rugged wagon is made of hand-crafted wood, colored with non-toxic stains, and features rubber wheels on wooden rims. There’s a seat in the front for a much-loved teddy bear or doll, or for a brother or sister to hitch a ride. There is also a storage compartment behind the seat for taking along other children’s utensils and stuff. Once again, it is a highly interactive toy that will get played with constantly, and it will remain a cherished part of that child’s life, well, forever.


Catch Me Game

Catch Me Game

Another classic in the HABA line from 1974 is our highly popular Catch Me Game that keeps kids aged 3 to 5 occupied for hours. Also highly interactive, each player has his little mouse on the table. The all-decisive dice throw lies hidden under the beaker which the cat lifts all of a sudden; the mice have to run for their lives when the previously agreed color or number appears. This game helps children recognize colors, it hones fine motor skills, it teaches numbers, and since it involves 2 to 7 players it stresses cooperation and just a little competition between children. With the same set there are also two other games that the children can play – Mouse Picnic, where the cat tries to catch as many mice as possible while the mice try not to be caught; and, Watch Out Mouse! Where the cat player has to catch the mouse whose color he or she rolls. Plenty of fun, fun learning, and a game they will remember even when they leave childhood.

And let’s not forget our own 30-year-old – the large Marble Ball Track Building Set, introduced in 1982 and a wonderful plaything that we just knew was an instant classic the moment it was released.

This flexible play system, which has fairly grown over the years, consists of tracks, bends, building blocks and balls. It was developed by our head designer, Horst Dwinger, and is every bit as exciting today as it was on the first day.

HABA Ball Track

HABA Marble Ball Track Building Set

“With the ball track, children experience things for life,” says Dwinger. “Thinking in three dimensions and experiencing physical laws works better with ball track pieces and building blocks than it does with any other toys. I want to help children to have significant experiences. And I want to encourage parents to give their children this classic toy with its many options. They will be amazed at everything that can be made out of building blocks.”

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